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Hospital Pricing Information

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To our valued patients:

The federal government now requires all hospitals to publicly publish hospital charge data in an electronic format. This is being mandated so that it might increase price transparency for consumers. The CORE Institute fully supports efforts to bring price transparency to our patients and, more broadly, has worked diligently to advance the goal of delivering greater healthcare value to the deserving public. We not only feel that this is good business, it is simply the right thing to do.

The data is posted here for your benefit. Please keep in mind that these prices are listed based on what are referred to as diagnosis related groups (DRG). Broadly speaking, the prices listed represent the average charges the hospital submits for each of these procedures. Each insurance carrier and insurance plan may have individual variations. Also, the charges do not reflect the amount your insurance company pays, and the difference is not simply passed on to the patient. The amount that you will pay as a patient will largely depend on the terms of your individual healthcare plan. If you are paying for an entire procedure out-of-pocket, there are programs available within our hospital that may help to mitigate your costs.

Unfortunately, healthcare billing and collections is currently extraordinarily and unnecessarily complicated. It takes specialized training and years of practical experience to be able to fully appreciate the data that hospitals are being required to produce. If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the potential costs of your care, we would strongly encourage you to reach out to our revenue cycle team at 602-795-6020 (option #6). This is most likely to result in you getting the best and most accurate information.

Click to download a digital copy of our hospital pricing information.