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The CORE Specialty Hospital is an orthopedic surgical hospital that specializes in musculoskeletal surgery procedures.

Our sole mission is to provide excellent orthopedic care and support to improve the lives of our patients.

A variety of procedures are available to treat orthopedic conditions of the joints, spine, hand, wrist, foot and ankle. The decision to embark on one of these procedures lies with you and your physician. Once you decide to have orthopedic surgery, the team at The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital will work with you and your surgeon to support your successful surgery and recovery.


Foot & Ankle

The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital provides a variety of foot and ankle procedures to correct conditions, reduce pain and improve mobility.

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Hand & Wrist

Surgery may be recommended after a bone break or trauma involving the hand or wrist, or because of an overuse condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Robotic surgery gives physicians the tools to conduct minimally-invasive surgery with more precision and accuracy than traditional surgery.

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There are different conditions that may cause a physician to recommend surgery of the spine. These include stenosis or narrowing of the spinal canal, disc herniation and some deformities.

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Sports Medicine

The CORE Institute orthopedic sports medicine team is dedicated to providing technologically advanced surgical techniques and rehabilitation for a variety of sports injuries.

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A revolutionary, non-surgical procedure to treat tendonitis and soft tissue injuries is now available at The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital.

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Total & Partial Joint Replacement

When choosing a hospital for joint replacement surgery, experience counts. Medical studies prove that high volume surgeons and hospitals have better outcomes with fewer complications.

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Specialized Offerings


The Laboratory at The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital is a state-of-the-art, clinical laboratory committed to providing the highest quality patient care.

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The pharmacists at The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital collaborate with all members of the health care team, patients and caregivers to provide excellent patient care services.

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Physical Therapy

At The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital, our physical therapy department provides daily patient treatments through the use of high-quality, evidence-based interventions.

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