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The pharmacists at The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital collaborate with all members of the health care team, patients and caregivers to provide excellent patient care services.

Our pharmacy technicians assist in drug preparation and the delivery of pharmaceutical care under the direct supervision of the pharmacist.

Upon admission, each patient's medical record is reviewed and the patient is interviewed by the pharmacy staff to obtain an accurate medication history. This allows the pharmacist to document current medications and compliance, ask what medications the patient took on the day of admission, understand past and present medical history, review all allergies, and identify adverse drug reactions.

During surgery, the pharmacy will work with the surgical team to manage the patient’s medications related to anesthesia, infection prevention, pain, sedation, and other pharmaceutical needs. For certain surgical procedures, the pharmacy can create a medication tailored for an individual patient by combining, mixing, or altering two or more drugs.

The pharmacy team plays a key role in overseeing and tracking all medication taken throughout the patient’s hospital stay. The pharmacist works closely with the nursing staff and physicians to ensure the patient receives the right medication at the right time. Upon discharge, the pharmacist is available to provide a personalized consultation about medications, interactions, and side effects.

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