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The CORE Institute Hospital » Patients & Visitors » CISH Café

At CISH, you will experience a team of professionally trained Chefs preparing exceptional meals from scratch for our patients and guests.

Our Executive Chef is constantly thinking outside the box to deliver fresh and unique lunch specials daily. Our Sous Chef prepares extraordinary Soup Du Jour and our Pastry Chef creates outstanding homemade desserts.

Fresh food and unique creations make CISH Café a delightful place to enjoy a meal.

For visitors, complimentary beverages are available in the family lounge adjacent to the café.

CISH Cafe Hours

Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

“Great service. Amazing food. Particularly the personal service of visiting each patient to find out their dietary needs.”

– Kimberly

“I feel like I was staying at a Scottsdale resort!”

– Carl

“I thought they were cooking for me! … Best experience ever in a hospital setting.”

– Susan

“I’m so impressed. I will suggest this hospital because of the delicious food!”

- Alicia