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Partial Knee Replacement

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Phoenix’s Partial Knee Surgery Experts

If you’re an active young adult and are facing early osteoarthritis or extreme pain due to injury to your knee, our effective partial knee surgery procedure may be right for you. At The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital, we specialize in advanced orthopedic surgical care that utilizes the latest robotic-assisted technology and digital 3D mapping to restore joints and relieve ongoing pain. Our team of surgeons and physical therapists are fully licensed and have years of experience working with patients of all ages from varying backgrounds. We can give you an accurate assessment of your knee’s condition and provide you with surgical solutions that will get you back on your feet. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Partial knee surgery vs. full knee replacement

To determine if partial knee surgery is the right solution for you, you must first understand that your knee joint is made of 3 compartments. When a few compartments are affected by osteoarthritis or bone degeneration, intense pain and discomfort often develop. Full knee replacements completely remove the joint and utilize a larger implant to restore normal knee function. Our state-of-the-art Mako knee surgical system can pinpoint and remove those diseased compartments while sparing the healthy bone and ligaments around it. Small implants are added to your knee joint, allowing for ease of movement and normal mobility. Your knee stays mostly intact and is supported by these partial implants. The Mako system is unique in that it utilizes a custom 3D model of your personal anatomy to guide the surgeon in removing and replacing the areas of your knee with pinpoint accuracy. Find out more about our knee surgery options by contacting us today.

Are you a candidate for partial knee surgery?

Our robotics-assisted knee surgery solution is ideal for patients who suffer from mild to medium osteoarthritis that hasn’t spread to all compartments of the knee. By salvaging a larger portion of bone and ligaments the recovery process is typically shortened. Our Mako robotic-assisted surgery system allows us to pinpoint the diseased portions of the joint with pinpoint accuracy and remove them quickly and safely. Our implants are durable, medically safe, and proven effective for patients’ mobility and normal day to day activities. We’re happy to answer your questions regarding your surgery options. Contact The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, today.

Our Mako Robotic-Assisted partial knee surgery solution

If we find partial knee surgery is the right solution for you, we’ll perform an initial CT scan that will be uploaded into our Mako surgery system. A 3D digital model is rendered of your unique anatomy and from this model a surgery plan is formed. On the day of the operation, your surgeon will follow this surgical plan utilizing Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted technology. The surgeon will prepare the specified area of your knee by removing diseased bone and cartilage with extreme precision and preparing the area for any needed implants. After the implants are applied to your knee joint, we’ll ensure your body is stabilized and we’ll perform a post-operative X-ray to ensure everything looks as it should. The recovery process will include several sessions with a personal physical therapist that will work with you to help you regain mobility in your knee. As time passes, you should feel significantly less discomfort and regain the ability to resume normal activities, depending on your initial diagnosis.